My experience with internship students from Carleton University

1I was been involved four times working with internship students since 2010 - 2016; those who came through the organization. During their stay; I was facilitated the camping, transportation (motor bike service), and translation from local language to English proactively while they collect socioeconomic and demographic data about area villages and individual households. They had prepared survey questions Cons in advance, but hit some snags when conducting their interviews.


My experience at USA

UN FORUM- Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI) has been works collaboratively with indigenous communities in the Horn of Africa, helping them adapt to social, economic, and climate change that threaten their very existence. This is therefore, GLTI was invited to bring two women of the Hamer Tribe to the 14th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Global Green grants Fund support made the trip possible. Also I was the one assigned by the organization as assistant and    translator at the U.N. forum and different events for one month.

My experience with Tourists at omo valley


Of the hundreds of people I worked with in Ethiopia, I found Yehualashet to be the most trustworthy person. If I need somebody to store half a million bucks for me, I would pick Yehualashet. If I need to be picked up in the middle of the wilderness at an appointed time, Yehualashet is your man. I have known him for nearly a decade. Yehualashet has no secrets, hidden vices, personality issues. He speaks more languages than I have fingers on my hand and I have seen him help out before anybody else saw the need to get up and do something. Yehualashet is a well known, respected member of the community and has plenty of resources.
Peter Seiler
I have known Yehuala for a number of years in his role as the key man in the NGO GTLI, which brought critical services and behavioural change to South Omo. He is trustworthy, smart and incredibly kind. He cares deeply about the region and it's peoples and I can think of no-one better to guide and share his knowledge, understanding and experience in a wonderfully sensitive way. He will ensure that whilst you are safe he will get you to parts other guides cannot reach.
Johnnie Lloyd
As our Guide and “key informant” you have made accessible to us amazing places and beautiful people beyond anything we had imagined. You have introduce us to an Ethiopia in the omo valley that leaves us looking forward the day when we can immerse ourselves and learn even more your depth of local knowledge and gracious sprit have made this a truly rich and unforgettable experience. Thank you!
Teresa & Dr. James
Lori Pappas
Yehualashet Belete is a delight. He cares, he’s knowledgeable, and he’s absolutely trust-worthy. I highly recommend Yehualashet. I have known him and worked closely with him since March 2008.
He started working for our organization, Global Team for Local Initiatives (GTLI), as a community social worker. He was the first team member to understand our innovative Community-based Learning in Action, which motivated over 100,000 people to change their hygiene and sanitation behavior. He became GTLI’s Behavior Change Expert and led new initiatives in Functional Adult Literacy and Reproductive Health. When GTLI had to leave South Omo Zone, Yehuala willingly volunteered his services to make sure that orphaned children who were previously cared for by GTLI continued to be loved, safe, fed, and educated.
In April 2015, two Hamar women were invited to the UN’s Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Yehuala accompanied us to the United States and served as translator for three weeks. He participated in meetings with top USAID officials, Congressmen and Senators. Yehuala spoke at fund-raising events and donor thank-you activities.
I am very proud to be Yehuala’s friend (and former boss).
Lori Pappas Founder and Executive Director of GTLI


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