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IMG 2017032608Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to alliance omo valley, Ethiopia my name is Yehualashet I was born& grew up in omo valley and also living with the indigenous omo valley tribes of southern Ethiopia; I have over eight (8) years’ experience working as Behavior change expert for International NGO managing a wide-range of development (health, education, livelihood) projects funded by various donor agencies including USAID, DFID, Boing, Rotary, and other private donors since 2010 to 2016 then I was envisaged to work as tour guide through my experience while gained working at GTLI organization and studied B.A. degree in Sociology & Social Anthropology from Paradise Valley University College, Ethiopia I was worked with a number of national and international partners and stakeholders including regional and local government offices of Ethiopia, various donor agencies, other NGOs and academic, research organizations in the past eight years and starting from January, 2017 has working as independent tour guide& package service in omo valley, Ethiopia.


What makes the Alliance Omo Valley unique?
1. I am honest and trustworthy - I always respect and give priority for clients with flexibility for your trip, looking for the flexibility of planning and put together a trip that would allow to getting a more of an authentic and hands-on experience.

When looking for a trip, this is what you should be looking for:

  • Someone that understands your request to have an experience that is hands on and not on the typical tourist path.
  • Ability to completely customize an itinerary.  Personalized service is key.
  • Good command of spoken English and local language.
  • Affordable price.
  • Personal connections with certain tribes to get you “inside access” that most large tour company don’t have.
  • Explicit about inclusions and exclusions (you want this to be as all inclusive as possible as to not worry about additional costs along the way.
  • Assign safe professional driver.
  • You never worried about logistics and accommodation at all

2. Smart and speak many languages - fluently speak the national language (Amharic) and locally spoken languages in Omo Valley.

  • Will make content of my talk close to the audience’s background. Translate using local language to English Share contextual stories and interesting information: open to talk to tourists and give them interesting stories of the destination, especially those related to their traditional cultures or natural environment by keeping it simple, clear, short and straight to the information needs.
  • I will tell you reliable information: “Getting information is simple but making sure is difficult” I should have to use validated sources of information to address the intended need of tourists. Do not exaggerate the story.
  • Ability to present information clearly, effectively and persuasively with proven abilities to facilitate and encourage open communication to strive for effective communication;

3. I know more about the South Omo region than almost anyone else.

  • Commitment to my community and personal connection to the tribes, insights Ethiopia.
  • Good reputation for village: a good image of the local people and destination will be created when people together provide good services in the destination. Tourists will perceive reputation of a village when they experience a single service as well as hospitality, safety and security in the destination as a whole.

4. I have a social conscience and will be donating a significant amount to the orphans.

  • Give back  I will spend 20% from earnings to the community and 7 vulnerable children’s of those who are actually getting my support.
  • Secured job: when a destination can maintain a tourist market, it can secure employment for local people. When a single person or local business can help destination maintain its customers, it generally requires local people to work together and provide good services and hospitality to the customer in the destination.


Alliance Omo Valley
S.N.N.P.R/ South Omo Valley
Jinka, Ethiopia.


+251 (0)91 396 5440/ +251 (0)96 769 0707

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