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Alliance Omo Valley Tour Guide is well equipped and has made a remarkable reputation with key activities of tourists to explore the culture and nature of the place where you visit;

  • GET TO KNOW LOCAL PEOPLE: most of tourists like to talk with local people and get to know each other.
  • TREKKING: Tourist like walking around the village to enjoy village life and trek to hill or mountains, especially young and middle age tourists (20-55 Year Old).
  • BOATING ON BEAUTIFUL RIVERS: All tourist like boating as this activity is interesting and relaxing.
  • ENJOY LOCAL CUISINE: Tourist like eating local food and drink, but need pay attention to suit their eating habits (such as less bone, not so spicy, no monosodium glutamate...) and ensure food safety.
  • SIGHTSEEING: Generally, tourists like going around to visiting cultural and natural attractions and getting to know the destination.
  • BUYING LOCAL HANDCRAFTS: Tourists like to observe handicraft processing and buy fine art products for personal use or for souvenir, gifts...
  • TAKING PHOTOS: All tourist like taking photos of landscape, people and place they visit.
  • VISITING TEMPLES: Visit temples make tourist understand more about traditional culture and religion.
  • ATTENDING FESTIVALS: Provide opportunity for tourists to learn local culture and exchange.
  • VISIT PARKS, MUSEUM & CULTURAL CEREMONY: This can be a part of natural tour.
  • LEARNING ABOUT LOCAL AGRICULTURE: Help tourists to understand agricultural.
  • SEEING BIRDS AND WILDLIFE: This can be a part of nature based tour or eco tour in the national park or a natural setting.
  • VISIT OF COMMUNITY STYLE: hair making, clothing and housing.




Alliance Omo Valley
S.N.N.P.R/ South Omo Valley
Jinka, Ethiopia.


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